Preventative Dentistry

Maintain That Beautiful Smile

Regular care through proper hygiene and advanced preventative dentistry can help you avoid most of the conditions that negatively affect your smile. Contact us today to keep your smile looking beautiful with the most advanced and comprehensive care provided by Dr. Michael Bell and his team.

Gum Therapy

Toxic bacteria from plaque can cause periodontal disease and gingivitis. If untreated, it will cause tooth loss and the breakdown of your soft tissues and bone. Through periodontal therapy, we can restore your gums and tissues to prevent further damage.

Root Canal

Trauma can cause damage to the nerve tissue inside your tooth. A root canal is needed to remove the infected and inflamed tissue. The discomfort involved with a root canal is minimal, especially compared to the pain you may feel before the procedure.


Minor tooth decay, or cavities, can sometimes require a filling to prevent further destruction of the tooth. Traditionally, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed in the cleaned-out portion of the tooth. Now we use a tooth-colored resin to repair your tooth.


Gritting your teeth or clamping your jaw at night will cause your teeth to break, chip or crack. A custom-crafted nightguard can help eliminate these issues.


NTI is a system designed to eliminate tension and stress on your teeth and to prevent you from grinding your teeth together. Worn primarily at night, this device is small and fits snugly between your two upper front and two lower teeth.